Court conditions

The courts are open for play.


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Shore Cup

If you are interested in playing in the Shore Cup Saturday Sept. 11th, please call the pro shop.  you can sign up individually or as a team.

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Men’s Doubles

Joe Clemente & Matt Tolkowsky are playing Brian Biedenger & Jim Maguire in the finals Labor Day weekend.

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Senior Doubles

Art Lynch & Don Geary are playing Carlos Meulener & Jim Ronin in the finals Sunday August 29th at 10:30am.

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Boy’s & Girl’s 14 & Under Doubles

Clayton & Evan Coffey defeated Johnny & Ryan Ziemski in the boy’s finals.  Erin Mattone & Charlotte Boehning won the girl’s final.

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Boy’s & Girl’s 10 & Under Doubles

Phil O’Brien and Charlie Kelly defeated Jake O’Donnell and Conor Finan in the boy’s finals.  Devyn Stack and Abby Decker won the girl’s final.

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Boy’s 14 & Under Singles

Clayton Coffey defeated Bobby Maguire in the finals.

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Boy’s &Girl’s 10 & Under Singles Results

The 10 & Under Singles Tournament Results: In the Boy’s Singles Charlie Kelly defeated Timmy Maguire 6-1.  In the Girl’s Singles Abby Decker defeated Caitlin Hickey in the finals.

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